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Hunting for signs of SEO poisoning

How to hunt for SEO poisoning? Well this is a good question to which I don’t have a good answer. This query is going to go through the very basics of how this can be started but it is not really that easy to do. I’ve had several different ideas of how to hunt for…


Rare process launch as a service

Back after a long break The last post on this blog was published on mid-September 2023 so it has been a while since I was able to update the blog. The main reason for this is that I have been too busy. I’ve had extremely busy season at work and on top of that I…


OpenCTI RSS feed support

RSS feed support in OpenCTI I haven’t been playing with the OpenCTI platform a lot since I first deployed it. I have a look at the data from time to time but haven’t had the time to create integrations. I just got back to this and started to look if the RSS feed ingestion has…


Threat Intelligence Platform – OpenCTI

What? I’ve been thinking of implementing some sort of Threat Intelligence Platform for my personal usage. The original idea has been to run MISP as it is quite well known to be very good at this sort of thing, however I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about OpenCTI lately. It is by far…



Why Turla? Lately I’ve done quite a lot of write-ups of testing currently active malware and how that could be potentially hunted for. I’d rather write about something else for a change, which led me to this topic. Turla has been in the news lately as their long running malware known as Snake was –…


Analysis of the current malware – Icedid

Making the decision of what to analyze The last blog post that I wrote was about creating an ELK with a Kibana view of the currently active malware, using the common publicly available sandbox services. This gives some insight of what is currently active and I think it can be quite current as I believe…


Malware statistics to ELK

I’ve been somewhat busy lately and hadn’t had much time to write anything to the blog unfortunately. I also have had some issues in thinking of good topics as I don’t want to get stuck in running similar topics each time. I’ve been dealing with running different samples for couple of posts in a row…


Hunting for msbuild based execution

Why? There has been a new Advanced Persistent Threat group, named Dark Pink which have been using the msbuild.exe LOLBIN for doing their malicious deed. The group has been especially active in the APAC area, with some activity in Europe too – specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina – weirdly enough. The group is mostly targeting…