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Analysis of the current malware – Icedid

Making the decision of what to analyze The last blog post that I wrote was about creating an ELK with a Kibana view of the currently active malware, using the common publicly available sandbox services. This gives some insight of what is currently active and I think it can be quite current as I believe…


Malware statistics to ELK

I’ve been somewhat busy lately and hadn’t had much time to write anything to the blog unfortunately. I also have had some issues in thinking of good topics as I don’t want to get stuck in running similar topics each time. I’ve been dealing with running different samples for couple of posts in a row…


Hunting for msbuild based execution

Why? There has been a new Advanced Persistent Threat group, named Dark Pink which have been using the msbuild.exe LOLBIN for doing their malicious deed. The group has been especially active in the APAC area, with some activity in Europe too – specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina – weirdly enough. The group is mostly targeting…



I haven’t observed any interesting new techniques recently, which is why I decided to analyze something that has been around for some time now. I’ve been interested in AsyncRAT for a while and decided to analyze it closer with threat hunting in mind. AsyncRAT is a Remote Access Tool which has been according to the…


HTML Smuggling – how does it look like?

  HTML smuggling is a new technique to deliver malicious payload to the endpoints. The idea of the technique is to deliver the malicious code encoded in an image file that is embedded to a HTML attachment file. The reason for doing it this way is to pass the potential perimeter defenses as the malware…


MDE/MDI/MDO365 advanced hunt queries to ELK

I’ve been using Jupyter Notebook for quite sometime in threat hunting and incident response purposes. It is great as it offers the python data analytic tools to be used with the data that has been ingested to it. It supports whatever that you can imagine of using over the API and thus offers great flexibility…



Qakbot – anything new on a recent sample? I’ve been looking through to see what has been the recent trend in the malware world. For the last couple of days the majority of the samples supplied (no actual statistics, just a hunch based on looking at the recently uploaded samples) has been Qakbot. Also…


My version of a home lab

This time I am going to introduced my version of a home lab. This is not as “pro” as many others have but have a good combination of lab and a home computer in a same package. The post does not contain instructions of how to mimic what I have, only a story of my…